DCDBC coaches, through leadership, training and education, develop a regionally, nationally and competitive dragon boat club. Coaching staff will build uniformity and standardization of techniques, training and competition methodology.

This effort will be characterized by a universal focus on developing both the individual paddler and team development, at every level of the journey from beginner to premier; in a spirit that incentivizes hard work, dedication, and a spirit of community; and is manifested in a comprehensive coaching ethos that ensures an environment that is communicative, inclusive, cohesive, fair, motivational, and competitive.

Rese Cloyd

Rese started paddling with DCDBC in the summer of 2016 and began coaching festival and beginners paddlers in 2018. In 2021, she added steering to her repertoire. When she isn't on the water, you'll probably find her hiking on the Appalachian Trail.

Winkie Day
Out of Sight Dragons

I am a coach and an originating DCDBC member since 2008 who trained and became a part of Team USA SeniorC team in 2019 and 2021. I have been the Lead coach for the "Out of Sight" Paradragon Team, since 2010 and coached them to a 2021 victory in Club Crew Nationals. I live to paddle and train every day.

Stephen Grivnow

I took up the sport of dragon boating in 2014, when I first moved to DC.  I had no idea what this sport was but just happened to live two blocks away.  I am a passionate high school educator and also love to play hockey and listen to folk music.

Lau Leite

Lau is an outdoor enthusiast who loves cycling, running, and any activity that involves motion and social interaction. Her passion for the outdoors led her to discover Dragon Boat, and she has been an active participant and supporter of the sport since 2017. 
Started coaching beginners in 2023 and eagerly welcoming newcomers to the Dragon Boat experience. She loves sharing her love for the sport and helping others get involved.

Francis Lira
Beginners/Club/Corporate Team Building

Florida man teaches ancient boating sport to fill local waterways with new paddlers! Francis has been with DCDBC since 2014 and has enjoyed learning from other DB crews during his travels. When not on the water, you can find him at the art museums or volleyball courts.

Karen Littlewood
First Ladies/Club

Karen started coaching the US Navy Dragon Boat Team, also based in Okinawa, in 2017.  After relocating to the DMV area, she began coaching the First Ladies in July 2019, recently leading them through Club Crew Nationals in 2021. When not paddling, she is thinking about paddling and lifting in the gym. 

An Ly
Club/First Ladies

Have been paddling for about 10 years and picked up steering, drumming and coaching along the way. I love the teamwork aspect of dragonboating and DCDBC on and off the water. Enjoys all things outdoors!

Keilan Malone

Keilan took up paddling in 2009 after an achilles injury motivated a pivot from football. He has been a club member since 2011 and a founding member of the premier program. He has coached BCS and club teams in Ohio and California. A lifelong fitness enthusiast, Keilan currently heads up the club's off-season strength and conditioning program.

Kate Norton

Katie fell in love with paddling in 2017 while living abroad. She has paddled with teams based out of Okinawa, Japan and Wiesbaden, Germany. Katie is an avid hiker, adventure traveler, and lover of DC. She works as a higher education program director and adjunct professor.

Troy Pham

Troy got bitten by the dragon in 2011 and developed the love for paddling. Has been around the dock for some time. Believes the most difficult thing is to train and race with his S.O. When not paddling, hides from the sun, and either cooks, sleeps or re watches Star Trek. 

Carlo Veloso

Carlo started paddling with DC Dragon Boat Club in 2010.  He has been coaching with DC Dragon Boat Club since 2013 at all levels. He has coached DCDBC to eastern region dragon boat championship titles in 2014 (mixed) and 2019 (open). Recently, he coached DCDBC's open boat to a 2nd place finish at club crew national championships and earned DCDBC a qualification for the upcoming club crew world championships in July 2022.