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Probably the most fun you can have on a boat...with 20 people.

Why Dragon Boating?

Dragon boating is an activity that trancends the traditional boundaries found in other sports competed on the international stage. Dragon boating is a sport for all ages, levels of athleticism, and time commitment. Whether you are looking for a way to get some fresh air during the week, or would like to become an elite athlete competing at the highest level, DCDBC can help you achieve your goals.


At DCDBC, we work very hard serve the best interest of all of our members. We are not focused on dogmatic paddling ideologies, nor do we feel that there is a cookie cutter solution to help people accomplish their goals.

We are in love with the processes of building people up, we are constantly experimenting, and we measure our progress with sweat, speed, and smiles.

Come paddle with us to find out for yourself. We can not wait to see you on the water.

DCDBC Tweets

dcdragonboat We're clear for practice tonight, 2014.08.12 See you, at your best! Toàn
dcdragonboat Practices cancelled tonight due to crap weather. See you all Saturday morning! - Dr. Phil
dcdragonboat To allow for Team USA today, let's have an extra 15min accommodation. Push off is 7:15pm
dcdragonboat @SmithsonianFolk Fest to feature 2 talks about dragon boating: 27 Jun, 3pm & 3 Jul, 4:30pm http://t.co/Ot2gjGXPug http://t.co/PmQz3hSyIn
dcdragonboat Congrats DCDBC to a very successful showing at the DC Dragon Boat Festival! An epic start to what will surely be an epic season!
dcdragonboat The DC Dragon Boat Festival is tomorrow & Sunday at http://t.co/CjB7lanRJL All, please drink lots of water & get a solid sleep for race day.
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