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***You are allowed three (3) free beginners practices before you decide join the club.

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What to Wear:

Dragon boating is a water sport. Dress as if you would go to a water park, canoeing or kayaking, and prepare to get a little wet. Most newcomers will tend to splash water, so wear light swim- or exercise-type clothing that won’t weigh down if soaked. Avoid wearing cotton as it soaks and retains water, making you feel uncomfortable, will conduct away body heat, and may restrict your movement. While on the boat, you can wear sneakers, water shoes, or flip flops. A pair of sunglasses will both help keep out the glare and protect your eyes from splashing water. A hat is highly recommended to keep you cool when exposed to the sun in the middle of the river, and it helps keep your head from getting wet. Sunscreen would be helpful in keeping you from getting burned. Being in the middle of the river exposes you more directly under sunlight. The bench in a dragon boat is hard and can wear on your derriere. Sitting on gardening kneeling pad works well for most people.

What to Bring:

Not much, except a 500ml bottle or two of water. 
You will definitely need water, even when it’s not hot.

What will be Provided:

We have a life vest (also know as a PFD — Personal Floatation Device) and a paddle for you.


In case of uncooperative weather (Hurricane, Tornadoes, Severe Thunderstorms,Hail, Torrential Rain) we will cancel practice. If you provide and e-mail address,or you follow us on twitter, you will get a message either the night before in case of severe weather, or a couple hours before practice.

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